Monday, August 17, 2009

Review Meeting Minutes

Faculty present: Koshy, Meena and Raghu
Date: August 1st 2009


1. Why Jharkhand?

2. What is the core idea of the travelogue?

3. Where does this idea reveal itself?

4. Has the organization of these stories begun?


•Narration of inspiration (the idea of my grandfather’s migration to the land) is essential to convey the core idea. Make the journey more personal.

•Information in the form of history, geography should be different from what is already available on the net.

•The writing is coming from a single person’s perspective (mine). Is there a need to change that? Maybe not, but all points of view, discussion must be covered.

•If you’re thinking of a book, start organising and editing information into chapters, sections and such. Start designing the book. You’ll find that it’ll help with presenting the core idea more clearly.

•In the editing try and find the relevance of events in the bigger story rather than place them in the timeframe they happened. Eg: Shabnam’s films.

•Try and include maps into your travelogue/blog. It’ll help the viewer place themselves.