Thursday, July 16, 2009


In retrospect Siddho- Kanno’s revoltion does not seem as much a revolt against the system as it seems like a push to regain a society’s identity. The revolution was a failure, the British forces massacaring the Santhal troops into submission. Life goes back to normal till a certain soldier in Barrackpore decides to not chew on a cartridge. Jharkhand’s revolution is brushed aside as an aberration and a century later modern India is ushered into a world of light and freedom stroked by midnight and her gentle hour.

Come the dawn of a new millennium and Jharkhand is formed amidst great confusion. State formed. check. Government installed. Check. Formation day declared as holiday. Check. School syllabuses revamped. Check. Statues installed. Check. Identity formed.
Identity formed

“Tell me Vaibhav ! Where are u from?”
Ranchi. Actually its a small town called...
“Hmmm...... Ranchi. Thats in Chattisgarh right!”