Saturday, July 11, 2009

Statues, Neighbours and heroic struggles.

There’s been a lot of talk about mishandling of government funds, corruption and some statues creating trouble in our neighbouring state’s public parks. Recent reports suggest that the SC has washed their hands off this citing that if the assembly had passed such orders there was no question of there being any interference from them. Need I point out that the statues are of Mayawati herself. In all this hullabaloo surrounding the statues people wonder why Kanshi Ram hasn’t been honoured with the same.
Jharkhand isn’t short of heroes to make statues of, I noticed today(contrary to ignorant opinion). Most of them are recognized for their contribution to the freedom struggle. Hazaribag pays tribute to two of the first ones to revolt against the British, Siddho and Kano. I remember Jug Suraiya writing for the Times of India in the Subverse section about how statues are more derogatory than respectful to the people they are erected in the memory of. Something on those lines anyway.
I’m sure Siddho-Kano will be happy to know they are still revered if not remembered today. More about them in the next episode.